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47 millions euro for the Health Programme, starting with 16th of July 18, 2018

A programme that it supposed to be more variate, in order to respond the needs of the Romanian health system.

The 8 pre-defined projects with our Norwegian partners will:

  • Strengthen the national network health care providers of medical services;
  • Implement the screening campaigns for early detection of cancer and efficient interventions;
  • Continue the project financed previously for controlling tuberculosis in Romania;
  • Support the development of the community services for mental health of children and adults;
  • Develop the institutional capacity for controlling the hospital infections and manage the antibiotics consumption;
  • Develop the medical professional registry and medical registry to track left ventricular remodeling as a result of acute myocardial infarction.


A call for proposals will be dedicated to local authorities in order to improve the health services, especially for vulnerable groups, also for infrastructure investments, training and information campaigns. Partnerships with NGOs, professional associations and public authorities are encouraged.

The new programme agreement with the donors can be found here.