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The implementation of the Local Development, Poverty Reduction, Justice and Home Affairs Programmes starts today

Following the signing of the Programme Agreement on the 19th of June a.c., three new programmes financed through EEA & Norway Grants 2014-2021 are entering in the implementing period "Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma inclusion", "Justice Programme" and "Home Affairs". Documents can be found, on the Relevant documents section.

With a total budget of 82 millions euro, the programme "Local Development, Poverty Reduction and Roma inclusion" will support projects to improve life conditions and education for vulnerable groups, measures for supporting children and youth at risk, will increase the access to inclusion education and equality, etc.

The Justice Programme with a total allocation of 53 millions euro will contribute through 7 pre-defined projects to the improvement of the correctional services and preventive arrest, increase of the capacity and efficiency of the state of right, prevention of domestic violence, etc. The Programme Operator is Ministry of Justice.

Through Home Affairs Programme, with a budget of 28 millions euro, managed by Ministry of Home Affairs, pre-defined projects and calls for proposals will be implemented, migration, international police cooperation  and combating crime, but also prevention and preparation  for calamities.


Date: 25.06.2018