Monitoring Committees for the EEA & Norway Grants - October 20, 2015

On 20th October 2015 took place at the Ministry of European Funds, Monitoring Committees for the EEA & Norway Grants. 

The role of these committees gathered for the monitoring and assessment of the two, EEA and Norway, financial mechanisms, is stipulated according to the provisions of chapter 4, Art. 4.4 in the Regulations for the implementation of the EEA and Norway grants 2009-2014.

At the meeting were discussed issues related to the implementation of programs with a budget of about 306 million euros, contracting and payments, actions to support disadvantaged groups, institutional issues, presentation of bilateral actions at national and program level, events for communication and promotion and other horizontal topics.Through these programs ensure the development of projects in key sectors for the Romanian economy and society, such as: environmental protection, strengthening civil society, the judicial sector, promoting renewable energy, public health services, culture, others, and strengthen bilateral relations with the donor states.

At this meeting were invited to attend members of relevant ministries and public authorities relevant for the two financial mechanisms, civil society, social partners and the private sector. As observers were invited to participate representatives of the Norwegian Embassy in Bucharest and relevant entities for program implementation (Certifying and Payments Authority, Central Harmonisation Unit,  Internal Public Audit ).