The Environment Fund Administration launch the Programme “RO06 Energie Regenerabilă” - Rondine

The Environment Fund Administration, as Operator of the Programme "RO06 Energie Regenerabilă" - Rondine, organized on Tuesday, November 26, 2013, the launch of the Programme financed in the frame of the EEA Financial Mechanism 2009-2014.

The event gathered representatives of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway in Romania, of the Ministry of Industries and Innovation in the Republic of Iceland, of the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change, Ministry of European Funds, Ministry of Public Finance, representatives of Programme Partners in the Donor States and of other Programme Operators, as well as potential beneficiaries in Romania.

The assistance Programme Renewable Energy (RO 06 Renewable Energy) targets the sustainable use of the natural resources and the reduction of the greenhouse gases, by using the renewable energy sources, i.e. the hydro and geothermal potential.

The amount of the grant related to the project, including the national contribution, is € 8,387,406, with an additional € 4,270,000 to be given by the Donor States.

The assistance programme has two components: a hydroelectric component and a geothermal one. The hydroelectric component aims at making initial investments and at upgrading the hydroelectric power plants, in order to increase the electricity production capacities using renewable sources. The geothermal component aims at making initial investments and at upgrading the thermal power plants using the geothermal energy, in order to increase the heating power production capacities using renewable sources. Only the projects dedicated to areas where there is a heating distribution network, including user connections, requiring only the connection to the geothermal source, are eligible.

The eligible applicants for the hydroelectric component are private or public economic operators. For the geothermal components, the eligible applicants are the administrative-territorial units and the private or public economic operators.

At the same time, several possibilities to strengthen the bilateral relations and to facilitate the development of partnerships were discussed during the seminar organized among the potential beneficiaries in Romania and entities in Norway and Iceland.

Additional Information

EFA's main objective is the implementation and financing of several categories of programmes aiming at ensuring Romania's sustainable development and contributing to the improvement of the environment infrastructure.

In the last years, EFA has financed from the Environment Fund several programmes which gave an impetus to the implementation and use of the renewable resources, in order to build solar panels, wind and solar power plants, biogas or biomass, as well as hydro and geothermal power production facilities.

Last year, by signing the Memorandum of Understanding with the governments in Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein for the implementation of the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009 – 2014, the general framework for the allocation of the funds was established, as concerns the non-reimbursable financial assistance provided by this mechanism in the next period.

The Environment Fund Administration was appointed as Programme Operator on October 18, 2012, for the promotion of renewable energy, in the frame of the European Economic Area Mechanism 2009-2014.