The capacity to respond to a potential nuclear emergency in Romania, tested through a Norwegian-funded project

Between 4-6 October 2016, under the Valahia 2016 exercise, the National Commission for Nuclear Activities Control tested the ability to respond to a potential nuclear emergency of the organizations with responsibilities in the area. The simulation is part of a project of approx. 4 mil. Euros, financed by the Norwegian Grants, for strengthening the regulatory capacity in the field of nuclear and radiological safety and emergency preparedness and response in Romania.

In the action, they simulated a nuclear emergency at Cernavoda Nuclear Power Plant, to test the integration of the National Emergency Management System, the responsibilities and the ability to respond of the participating organizations (CNCAN, SNN, MAI, Ministry of Health, Ministry of Defence, MApN, MADR, Ministry of Environment, Ministry of Transport, Emergency Hospital in Bucharest, City Hall of Cernavoda, Prefecture of Constanta and the Operational Control Centre of the Government).

All authorities involved in emergency response have acted in accordance with the objectives, the criteria for the mobilization and activation of response centres have been met and the mobile reception, evacuation and decontamination units were functional when needed. There have been also identified the areas that need further improvement, for example, coordinating intervention at the national level through a better communication between central authorities and the authorities on the site and employing additional specialized personnel.

The project, funded under the Programme RO18 - Capacity-building and Institutional Cooperation between Romanian and Norwegian Public Institutions, Local and Regional Authorities, is supported by the Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority (NRPA) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).

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