The call for applications within Programme RO18 - 31 october 2014

The Ministry of European Funds, in its capacity of Programme Operator, announces the launch of the call for applications within the Fund for Bilateral Relations at the level of Programme RO18 - Capacity-building and Institutional Cooperation between Romanian and Norwegian Public Institutions, Local and Regional Authorities.

The fund is dedicated to supporting projects/actions that correspond to the general objective of the Programme, which is administrative capacity building and human resources development in public institutions and local and regional authorities in Romania by cooperation and transfer of knowledge within similar institutions in Norway. Thus, the financed projects/actions must facilitate the exchange and transfer of knowledge, experience, techniques, good practices between similar entities in Romania and Norway and aim at developing the bilateral relations between the two countries.

For this purpose, the following types of activities are considered eligible:

-          Participation to events such as conferences, seminars, study visits, courses and other similar actions

-          Organization of events such as conferences, seminars, study visits, courses and other similar actions

The beneficiaries and eligible partners under the Fund are the following categories of entities registered in Romania or Norway:

-          central or autonomous administrative authorities

-          local or regional authorities;

-          Government agencies.

The budget of the call is 175,765 Euro.

The call launching date is 11 April 2014 and the deadline for submission of applications is 31 October 2014 or until funds depletion. The end date for the implementation of the projects/actions is 30 June 2016. The grant applications submitted shall be continuously evaluated as they are registered, until the entire financial allocation is spent.


The relevant document:

Guidelines for Applicants

Annex 1 - Grant application form

Annex 2 - Financing contract

Annex 3 - Payment request

Annex 4 - Implementation report

Annex 5 - Supporting documents

Annex 6 - List of indicators

Annex 7 - Declaration of eligibility

Annex 8 - Declaration regarding double financing

Annex 9 - Evaluation grid

Annex 10 - Partnership agreement

Annex 11 - Financial identification form



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