Calls for proposals under EEA & Norway Grants


Calls for proposals under EEA & Norway Grants

        The Ministry of European Funds, as manager of the "Bilateral National Fund", attracting EEA and Norway grants in Romania, expects grants applications under two calls having a cumulated value of 250,000 de euro. The first call, with a value of 200,000, provides grants to support priority sectors such as justice and home affairs, judicial capacity building, Schengen cooperation, children and youth at risk. Under the second call, with a value of 50,000 euro, funds are granted for travel aiming at developing the bilateral relations with entities in the three donor states: Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein.

        The specificity of the funds granted under the two calls is the easy and fast contracting: the filled in grant applications have less than 5 pages, and the period for their evaluation is less than 30 working days. Additionally, the beneficiaries do not have to provide co-financing: the eligible expenditures in the approved grant applications are fully covered. The eligible beneficiaries to submit projects under the two calls are the public institutions and the non-profit organizations in the relevant sectors, both in Romania and in the donor states.

        The "Bilateral National Fund" is a tool meant to grant funds for complementary activities related to the contact between entities in Romania and in the three donor states: Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. These activities include conferences, seminars, study visits, studies, consultancy services, activities of information or facilitating future cooperation under the programmes and projects.

        Additional information on the two calls is available on the website dedicated to the EEA & Norwegian Grants, at the following link:

        We remind that Romania benefits from EEA & Norwegian Grants amounting to about 306 million euro. The funds are granted through 22 programmes under which projects are to be developed in the following sectors: environment protection, civil society and improving conditions for the Roma, justice and home affairs, health, research, culture.