Children in social risk situations may be helped under CORAI Programme

Romanian Social Development Fund (RSDF) organized on February 18, 2014, an Informative seminar addressed to Bucuresti-Ilfov and Sud Muntenia regions, action intended to increase awareness about funding lines launched in December 2013 by RO10 Programme "Children and youth at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion "(CORAI).

The event brought together in the "I.L. Caragiale" hall of the Ramada Majestic Bucharest hotel, over 100 representatives of central and local authorities and representatives of nongovernmental organizations from Bucuresti-Ilfov and Sud Muntenia regions.

During the meeting, RSDF has made a number of clarifications on the conditions for accessing the funds available through the three calls for proposals opened under CORAI Programme. At the request of participants, RSDF made clarification on the Local call mainly focused on the eligibility conditions of the project promoters, partners and Roma communities targeted by the project, the types of eligible activities and costs, the constitution of the initiative group and how to document beneficiaries belonging Roma ethnicity. On the Synergies for Future calls for proposals, clarifications were focused mainly on ways for justification of relevant experience of the project promoters and partners, the arrangements for payment for the project team members, the eligibility of expenditure and value added tax (VAT), the allocation procedure / reimbursement of funds for projects, the importance of partnerships with entities in Donor States etc.

CORAI Programme aims at improving the situation of children and young people at social risk (with a special focus on the Roma population), contributing in this way to reduce social and economic inequalities that separate these disadvantaged groups by the rest of society. The program has a total value of Euro 31,764,706 and is funded through the EEA Grants 2009-2014.

Under the Programme were launched three calls for proposals: the call for proposals named Local, addressed to children and youth at risk who live in communities with relevant numeric Roma population facing economic and social problems and Synergies for the future calls, one aimed at children, and other aimed at youth at risk, calls that are considering larger-scale projects developed at the municipal, county, regional or national level, aimed to solve systemic problems for a large number of beneficiaries, including Roma, that are living in a multicultural environment and are facing marginalization and sometimes discrimination.

Specific details about the calls can be found in the content of the specific documents, available at page dedicated to EEA Grants.