Launching of the call for proposals for Programme PA17/RO13 Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage

The Ministry of Culture from Romania, through the Project Management Unit, acts as Programme Operator for Programme PA17/RO13 Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage.

In this sense, the Ministry of Culture announces the opening of the call for proposals for both large projects (between 50.000 and 200.000 euro/project) and small projects (between 5.000 and 15.000 euro/project).

The total budget assigned to the Programme sums up to 8.022.059 euro, out of which 85% is covered by the Donor States - Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, whereas 15% covers the Romanian contribution.

The starting date for large grant applications is January 6th 2014 until April 7th 2014. In the case of small grants, the applications can be submitted until April 25th 2014.

The objectives of the Programme PA17/RO13 refer to increasing cultural dialogue and fostering the European identity through understanding of cultural diversity, as well as strengthening the relations between project promoters from Romania and project partners from the Donor States.

The eligible beneficiaries are the public entities and nongovernamental organisations from Romania; in the case of small projects, the registred sole traders are considered eligible as well.

Among the activities - related to cultural and creative sectors - that the projects submitted for financing should include are: increased mobility for artists and their works at international level, education through art and culture reaching a broader audience, activities music, stage arts, fine and visual arts; information and communication campaigns in order to raise awareness about cultural diversity, including cultures of minorities; production of goods and services related to the culture of communities, the culture and heritages of minorities, including Roma.

The total grant assistance assigned to large projects is of 6.327.957 euro, and of 623.566 euro in the case of small projects.

Additional information about the calls for proposals and the full texts of both of the calls are available on the dedicated website of the Programme - -, starting January 6th, 2014.