RSDF launched the call for proposals "Coherent"

Monday, March 17, 2014, Romanian Social Develpment Fund launched the call for proposals „Coherent". It is the fourth line for funding projects under the Programme RO10 "Children and youth at risk and local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and promote social inclusion" (CORAI), funded through the EEA Grants. 

 "Coherent" aims to support measures to address the problems faced by disadvantaged groups and fight against social exclusion, through financing specific initiatives to reduce inequalities and to improve national anti-discrimination measures, developed through the cooperation of social actors at local and regional level.

The total amount allocated for this call is EUR 4,458,598 and is estimated to be financed 25 projects (the total allocation for this call may be increased, as for additional resources are committed by the Donor States to the programme). In case the total allocation is increased, the revised total allocation will be publicised on RSDF's website and by other media, as appropriate).

The minimum amount that can be requested for a project is EUR 100,000 and the maximum is EUR 300,000.

The deadline for submitting applications is May 19, 2014.

Eligible project promoters are local and central government entities and non-governmental organizations. In order to assist potential applicants, RSDF will organize information sessions at regional level.

The package of documents in English, including the text of the Call for proposals is available here. (

RSDF help-desk staff shall answer questions or provide clarifications about the provisions of specific documents related to Call "Coherent" to the e-mail or phone/fax no. : (+40) 021 315 34 40/ (+40) 021 315 34 15.