EEA and Norway Grants, amounting to about € 306,000,000, have been launched today

Published on  28-06-2013

The EEA and Norway grants have been launched today, in the presence of the Norwegian Minister of Justice and Public Security, Mrs. Grete Faremo, of the Minister of European Funds, Mr. Eugen Orlando Teodorovici and of the Minister of Justice, Mr. Robert-Marius Cazanciuc.

The grants amount to about € 306,000,000 and are allocated for the period ending in 2016. They are dedicated to supporting programmes and projects in 21 areas, such as justice and home affairs, environment protection, research, health, culture, civil society and improvement of the social condition of the Roma.  

Bucharest, June 28, 2013 

"The grants provide an excellent platform for strengthening our cooperation in multiple areas, including justice and home affaires", Minister Faremo said during the launch today. Four programme agreements have been signed. In the frame of these programmes, the contribution of the donor states amount to € 25,000,000, representing 85% of their value, the other 15% being Romania's contribution.

"The substantial amount of the financial assistance provided through the EEA and Norway grants for this period is a strong support for Romania in the implementation of projects related to areas such as justice, environment protection, energy, civil society, research, culture", Minister Teodorovici said.

According to the institutional framework agreed, the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Interior in Romania are to manage the funds allocated to the justice and home affairs area. These funds shall be used, among others, for the purpose of the implementation of the new judicial codes. At the same time, Norway programmes are an important support in rendering the probation services more efficient and in improving the conditions in prisons, by means of projects aiming, among others, at the restoration and equipment of a wing in the Prison for Minors and Youngsters in Bacău or at the establishment of a therapy centre for women in the Gherla Prison. At the same time, the funds shall be used to fight domestic violence, to support the cooperation between the police in Romania and in Norway in the fight against organized crime and human trafficking (for the description of each programme see the attached documents.)

The Minister of Justice, Mr. Robert - Marius Cazanciuc, has welcome the presence of the Norwegian Minister of Justice in this important event for the Romanian government and judicial system: "Norway grants are an excellent opportunity for us to develop cooperation and partnership between our countries. The assistance granted will help the Romanian judicial system work more efficiently and transparently, to the benefit of all citizens."

The EEA and Norway grants will be used to improve the condition of the Roma, by means of several types of measures. Thus, at least 10% of the funds related to the relevant programmes (at least € 14,000,000) are dedicated to the measures implemented in favour of the Roma. The assistance will also facilitate long-term strategic partnership between the public and private entities in our country and in Norway.


Through the Agreement for the European Economic Area (EEA), three of the EFTA Member States – Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein – belong to the European internal market and contribute to the social and economic development by means of the EEA and Norway grants. Norway is the main donor state, contributing with 97% of the total funds.

For the financing period until 2012, Romania benefited from almost € 100,000,000 for projects in key areas such as environment protection, sustainable production, health and children care, cultural heritage for the NGOs. 65 specific projects and over 100 projects developed by the NGOs were implemented, the absorption rate reaching 85%.