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The monitoring visit of a project funded under the EEA Grants and implemented by Hăghig Mayoralty, Covasna County

On the 27th of June 2016, a team from the Ministry of European Funds together with the Program Operator conducted a monitoring visit to the "Day Center" built and equipped under the project entitled „Access to education a new chance for Roma children and youth in Fermei community in the locality of Hăghig". This project is funded under the EEA Grants 2009-2014 within the Program RO10-CORAI, managed by the Romanian Social Development Fund and it has a total budget of 1.159.119 lei.

The purpose of the visit was to see the on-site development of activities providing social and educational services for increasing the access to education of children and youth in "Fermei Community", by means of care, assistance and education services for 24 preschool children at risk. This visit provided information on the state of activities:

-          Formal education "Second chance" for 20 young people who are over the age of 14 years and have not completed the compulsory general secondary education;

-          Vocational training for 20 young people who have completed the compulsory general secondary education but have not obtained a vocational school graduation diploma;

-          The certification of professional competences acquired in other ways than the formal ones for 40 young people.

In order to increase the level of interest and participation in the activities performed within the "Day Center" the original activities of the project have been further supplemented with the following activities which are to be performed until November 2016: the fencing and arrangement of a playground, Summer Workshop „What can 2 skilled hands do", psychological assistance provided for 24 preschool children and 40 parents.

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Program Operator: The Romanian Social Development Fund