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The monitoring visit at the conference organized for the completion of a project implemented by ARCUB

 On the 30th of June 2016, the Ministry of European Funds by the National Focal Point carried out a monitoring visit of the project "CULTURE THROUGH MUSIC" implemented by the Cultural Center of Bucharest Municipality - ARCUB and financed under the second Call for projects within the Fund for Bilateral Relations at National Level. The visit was occasioned by the organization of „Orff" workshop supported by Mrs. Helga Rut Gudmudsdottir, Director of the Iceland Center for Music Research and a professor of music at the University of Iceland.  

The final session of debates of the project was also organized on the same day and it was moderated by specialist professors in music education - Anne-Claire Rey-Bellet, Yasmin Folini and Helga Rut Gudmudsdottir, where they discussed about the active methods of music education: an alternative for the music education in Romania, the importance of early music education, proposals and suggestions for improving the current system.

The workshop and the final session of debates were held at Gabroveni Inn, a historic monument building rehabilitated with support from the EEA Grants.

The budget of the project was of 137.583 lei and the project aimed to revolutionize the musical pedagogy in Romania by introducing methods such as Kodály, Dalcroze and Orff. The three methods of music education, implemented for several decades in Europe, combine the scientific rigor with spontaneity and creativity. In addition, they stimulate the cognitive and affective process, proving their applicability if such fields as medical sciences and psychotherapy. Through its activities, seminars/workshops, the project was open to students from the National University of Music in Bucharest, teachers of music, musicians, nursery school teachers, primary school teachers but also to the general public interested to discover new methods of music education.



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Photo Credit: Daniel Oprea