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Cluj – monitoring visit on cultural projects


Between May 16th and 18th this year, the National Focal Point together with the representatives of the Programme Operator (the Ministry of Culture) have conducted monitoring visits to projects implemented in Cluj.  

They verified the stage of the restoration works performed at the two wooden churches within the Ethnographic Museum of Transylvania, Perindu and Cizer Wooden Churches (, which involved the replacement of roofs,  exterior structure and foundation resistance elements and, most importantly, the complete restoration of the paintings. The project will be completed on August 31st 2016, with the subsequent opening to the public.

Within another project, When ancient daily life becomes UNESCO heritage. Scanning, digital restoration and contextualization of Dacian artefacts from the Orastie Mountains, the digitization of historical artefacts, which will be also available on mobile phones, is considered a first in Romania. By carrying out this project, ( Romania ranks 6th in the world in terms of digitizing historical artefacts. The project is to be completed this month, when the public will be provided access to museum exhibitions displaying 500 representative artefacts from the Dacian digitized heritage, the 3D online virtual museum dedicated to the Dacian civilization in the Orăștie Mountains, the digital reconstruction of some Dacian monuments and artefacts in the Orăștie Mountains.


During this monitoring mission some of the projects completed in April 2016 were also visited:

·         Castle in Transylvania – Strategy and Development Models whose objective was to develop a strategic framework of castles in Transylvania and to emphasize the best use of their value  (

·         Culture and Nature in Transylvania: Past and Future aiming to promote the cultural and natural heritage of a multi-ethnic region harboring many cultural and biodiversity hotspots in the south-west part of Sălaj county (

·         European links through Cinema and Dance implemented by the European Foundation for Urban Culture in partnership with Edinborg Cultural Centre, RIFF – Reykjavik International Film Festival. (