RO02 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services RO02 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

  1. General Objective of the Programme: Halt loss of biodiversity

  2. Specific objectives of the Programme: The implementation of the Programme is expected to bring an improvement in the status of ecosystems and in the level of knowledge, information and awareness of the general public related to the day-to-day benefits of the services of the ecosystems and the importance of maintaining the ecosystems in a good condition.

  3. Programme budget: € 15.000.000

  4. Donor Programme Partner: Norwegian Environment Agency

  5. Expected results

The programme supports projects that will deliver results relating to:

  • Improved capacity and management of ecological corridors – of more than 100 experts and professionals;
  • Creation of methodologies for establishing ecological corridors;
  • Summary reports needed for the creation of methodologies;
  • Mapped ecosystems;
  • Identification of payments mechanism for ecosystem services.
  1. Calls for proposals:

    1. Call for proposals 1 – Studies and training regarding PA's natural ecosystem contribution to the economic sector – around 10 proposals

    2. Call for proposals 2 – Increasing capacity in managing and monitoring ecological corridors – around 5 proposals

    3. Call for proposals 3 – Large restoration scheme – around 7 proposals

    4. Small Grants Scheme – Identification of PES's – around 100 proposals

    5. For the bilateral fund we estimate number of about 20 proposals to be submitted

2. Description of the predefined project:

Pre-defined project: Promoting natural values to support decision-making in Romania

Project promoter: National Environment Protection Agency

Project partners: Norwegian Environment Agency, WWF and Romanian Spatial Agency

Maximum grant amount: €4,000,000

Grant rate: 100%

Estimated total project cost: €4,000,000

The project shall contribute to the expected outcome: "Increased awareness of and education in biodiversity and ecosystems services, including awareness and education in the link between biodiversity and climate change and economic assessment of ecosystems". The project will include activities such as:

- A methodology to assess ecosystems and their services

- Analysis, harmonization and calibration of existing data

- Identification/analysis of the existing ecosystems data

- Data management for the analysis and mapping of ecosystems

  • Supply of socio-economic data
  • Supply of geo-spatial data

- Build-up/development of a geo database to include all the relevant issues related to INSPIRE with an impact on the pre-defined project

- Selection of key ecosystems and ecosystem services

- Economic assessment of ecosystems and their services

- Analysis and improvement of existing policies, as well as policy recommendations



Contact person:

Rosana Macau,; 0749.248.495;

Rares Bonifate,; 0743.076.896; 021/408.9622