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RSDF announces the launch of Call for Measure B, Bilateral Relations Fund within the Programme RO10

Under the Bilateral Relations Fund, RSDF announces the opening of funding for facilitating exchange and knowledge transfer, technology, experience and best practices in the Program area with entities from donor States or international organizations (Measure B). The funding addresses the project Promoter (PP) with projects in implementation. The total amount of funds for Measure (B) is 100,000 euro.

The maximum amount of a grant is 5,000 euros and a PP can access a maximum of two successive financing. A second application may be filed only after the PP submit the report on the bilateral activities related to the first financing.

The second application may be selected only if it targets different objectives/complementary to those proposed/made by previous financing.

PP and other entities involved in bilateral activities should not contribute financially to these affairs, but only to cover costs that exceed 5,000 euros, if necessary.

Eligible applicants may apply for funding under the call for Measure (b) beginning September 28, 2015. The call for proposals is ongoing and will be closed on 30 September 2016, 15:00.  Applications will be assessed and approved on a "first come, first served' principle. If a large number of requests will be received from PP who meet and exceed the financial allocation funding the call, OP can hang up the call before this date.

Funds for bilateral relations for Measure (b) shall be granted solely on the basis of grant applications written in English.

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