PA 05– Energy Efficiency PA 05– Energy Efficiency

Programme: Energy Efficiency

Financing: European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 (EEAFM)

Programme Operator: Ministry of European Funds

General objective: Reduced emissions of greenhouse gases and air pollutants

Expected Outcome: Improved energy efficiency in buildings

Expected Outputs: Improved quality and efficiency of lighting related technology (outdoor and indoor)

Grant amount: The total amount of the programme is € 612,426 of which € 520,562 is the financial assistance granted through the EEA Financial Mechanism and € 91,864 represents co-financing from the Romanian state budget.

 The programme is implemented through a single predefined project: "Improving energy efficiency by optimizing the technical and functional parameters of the lighting system at the Emergency Clinic Hospital Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu (EESIIL)"

Project Promoter: Military Unit 0929, Bucharest

Project partners: Emergency Clinic Hospital "Prof. Dr. Agrippa Ionescu"

Expected results:  - a new energy efficient lighting system (indoor and outdoor) in the hospital;

- improved quality and efficiency of lighting related technology;

- Improved working conditions for the medical and administrative staff;

- level of environmental impact reduction - 252 tCO2 / year;

- level of reduction of energy consumption - 360 MWh / year.

Programme Implementation: 29.06.2016-30.04.2017

Call for proposals: The programme is implemented through a single predefined project; no calls for proposals will be launched


Programme site: 
Tel/Fax: 0372/938682; 0372/938502