Programme Objective
Improved public health and reduced health inequalities.

Programme Grant  € 9,534,117:
85% Norway Grants - € 8,104,000
15% Ministry of Healh co-financing - € 1,430,117.

DPP – Not applicable 

Expected outcome

Improved prevention and treatment of contagious diseases (including HIV/AIDS and TB)
Developed resources at all levels in the public health sector
Life-style-related diseases prevented or reduced
Call for proposals: – Not applicable 

Description of the Pre-defined projects (value, activities, objectives, promoters, and partners).

Pre-defined Project 1:
Improving the health status of the Romanian population in Romania by increasing  Tuberculosis control

Budget: € 5,398,630
The General Objective of the Project is to strengthen the tuberculosis (TB) control in Romania, with a focus on multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB) and poor and vulnerable population.
Specific Obiective:
• Strengthening the institutional capacity of National Tuberculosis Programme (NTP) to control the TB epidemic in Romania
• Ensuring early detection of MDR/XDR -TB cases
• Ensuring full course second-line quality anti-TB drug regimens for MDR/XDR-TB patients
• Development of an integrated community support intervention model for TB treatment and prevention in poor and vulnerable populations
Project promoter: The Institute of Pneumology "Prof. Dr. Marius Nasta".


Pre-defined Project 2:

Strengthening the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS, HVB, HVC in Romania

Budget: € 1,373,470

 Increasing the access of vulnerable (most of risk populations) groups to primary and secondary prevention programs for HIV, HVB, HVC
 Control of HIV, HVB, HVC, by stopping the spread of such infections among injecting drug users and by increasing the effectiveness of screening HIV/HVB/HVC in people belonging to high risk groups.
Project Promoter: National Institute of Infectious Diseases "Prof. Dr. Matei Bals"

Pre-defined Project 3:

Strengthening the National Network of Roma Health Mediators to Improve the Health Status of Roma Population

Budget: € 1,052,910
General Objective: Increasing the access of Roma vulnerable groups to basic community health services.
Specific Objective:  Strengthening the institutional capacity of the local authorities through the further development of the network of Roma health mediators and community nurses, focusing on mother and child health, reproductive health and MDR TB control.
Project Promoter: National Institute of Public Health


Pre-defined Project 4:

Multi-level interventions for prevention of lifestyle related non communicable diseases (NCD) in Romania

Budget: € 1,115,120
Objective: Increasing access to high quality NCD prevention services by multi-level evidence-based interventions and an integrated community-based approach.
Specific Objectives:
• Elaboration and promotion of the standards/practice guidelines based on evidence for PHC (Primary Health Care)
• Public health interventions for the improvement of the community services for children and teenagers
Project Promoter: National Institute of Public Health


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