RO06 Renewable Energy Programme. RO06 Renewable Energy Programme.

General Objective

The Environmental Fund Administration is the Programme Operator for the Programme RO06 Renewable Energy. The objective of this programme is the increasing of the renewable energy share in energy use, by using the hydro and geothermal potential.

Eligible applicants :

Hydroelectric component:

  • public or private economic operators

Geothermal component:

  • administrative-territorial units

  • public or private economic operators

Grant Value: € 8,387,406

Note that the funds will be supplemented by the Donor States with € 4,270,000, external grants.

Amount of funding:

For the economic operators:

  • up to 40 % of eligible project costs for Bucharest- Ilfov

  • up to 50 % of eligible project costs for the other regions;

For public authorities:

  • up to 100 % of eligible project costs.


Hydroelectric component: Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate - Norway

Geothermal component: National Energy Authority - Iceland



Program Coordinator

Environment Fund Administration

Splaiul Independentei, no. 294, Block A, District 6,

Bucharest, Romania

Phone: + 40 21 319 48 49, + 40 21 319 48 50/160, Mobile: + 40722286388