RO-14 Research within priority sectors RO-14 Research within priority sectors


The Romanian-EEA Research Programme aims at reducing the economic and social disparities within the European Economic Area and at strengthening the bilateral relations by enhancing research cooperation between the scientific communities in Romania, Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein, stimulating long-term cooperation and equal partnerships between the research entities



  • Enhancing research-development activities based on knowledge in Romania, through intensifying research cooperation between Romania and the Donor States; the cooperation is to be based on equal partnerships between research entities in the Donor States and in Romania, the latter having the leading role;

  • Creating benefits on several levels: Programme Operator, Project Promoters, Project Partners as well as researchers, including postdoctoral candidates and postgraduates (PhD students) and graduates (Master level);

  • Obtaining research results (including scientific publications and patent applications submitted), as well as increasing the number of PhD students.


Programme Budget:

The total Programme budget is € 23,529,412, of which € 21,681,063 is allocated for joint research projects selected on the basis of calls for proposals (the Donor States contribution is 85%, 15% being national co-financing). 


  • Research Council of Norway – RCN

  • Icelandic Centre for Research – RANNIS


Expected outcome:

Enhanced research cooperation between the Donor States and Romania:

  • Increasing the number of research institutions;

  • Increasing the number of researchers;

  • Better use of research outcome in terms of cooperation between Romania and the Donor States;

  • Increasing the role of postdoctoral and / or PhD students in R&D sector.



Type of applications: Joint Research Projects

The minimum amount of grant is € 500,000, while the maximum amount is € 1,500,000; the maximum duration of a project is 3 years



Contact persons:

Vasile Lungu (

Monica Cruceru; Marius Mitroi (