Presentation of RO 03 Presentation of RO 03

Programme: PA03 / RO 03 ,,Environmental Monitoring and Integrated Planning and Control "

Programme Operator: Ministry of European Funds

General objective of the Programme: Improved compliance with environment legislation

Specific Objectives: Strengthening the capacity of the environment authorities in terms of Integrated planning and control.

Grant amount: The total amount of the programme is € 9,625,000 of which € 8,181,250 is the financial assistance granted through the EEA Financial Mechanism and € 1,443,750 is co-financing from the state budget.

Project Promoter: National Agency for Cadastre and Land Registration (ANCPI)

Project partners: National Mapping Authority of Norway and Registers of Iceland

Expected Outcome:

  • Strengthened capacity of ANCPI for integrated planning and control and for the implementation of the EU Directive on the harmonization and exchange of geographic information domestically and internationally;

  • New specialized maps for the important areas in the country, including sensitive areas and areas at risk for flooding.

  • Improvement of the Internet access of the public to geographic data, in order to support the implementation of development and environment policies.

  • Strengthening the existing cooperation as a result of the LAKI I project implemented during the 2004-2009 programming period, established between ANCPI and the two twinned organizations Registers of Iceland and Norwegian Mapping Authority.

Important components of the project:

  • Production of a detailed Terrain model through scanning by LIDAR system, new maps and orthophotos for about 50 000 square kilometers

  • Developing a comprehensive database required for efficient access to information for specific areas

  • Providing the necessary equipment for the safe storage and effective transmission of geographic data

  • ANCPI capacity building, knowledge transfer and staff training in the production and management of specific geographical information.

Call for proposals: No calls for proposals will be launched as the programme is implemented through a single predefined project.

Programme site: 
Tel/Fax: 021/3025290; 021/3268730